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Nordic Ski Club Of Milwaukee

Medford - Rib Lake - Timm's Hill: January 2012
13 photo(s) Updated on: Saturday, January 21, 2012
  • Friday at Nine-Mile in Wausau. Paul, Terry, Jeff, and Karen
  • Terry at Nine Mile
  • Rita and Dennis making their way through ungroomed snow (High Point Trail) outside Timm's Hill on Saturday
  • Timm's Hill Trail spans Taylor and Price Counties as Paul indicates
  • Rib Lake Trails record of snow heights. Note pegs of different colors showing heights on January 1 (left post) and March 15 (right post)
  • Chart (previous photo) legend associating peg color with particular winter
  • Friendship Bridge in Rib Lake Trails. Reported to be the longest (45' 3") and highest (14') ski span in the country.
  • Jeff and Terry getting ready to ski on Sunday morning at Camp Forest Springs
  • Eight of the twelve Nordics went to Camp Forest Springs on Sunday morning
  • Rita and Paul admire the sparking snow on the Rib Lake Trails
  • Rita and Paul inspect the ski-through outhouse
  • Jeff, Terry, and Karen ski on Camp Forest Spring's corduroy trails
  • Jeff, Terry and Karen at Camp Forest Springs Trail

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